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With the mission of supporting sports betting lovers in Uganda, SuperSoka arrives to supply you with everything you wish to understand about the planet of sports.

Sports content website, SuperSoka Uganda isn’t a betting operator or Sports Betting House. Here is where you’ll learn everything you wish to enter this world that, every day, attracts thousands of new followers.

In Uganda, sports betting was legalized in 1968 and amended in 2012 when it became popular. Since then, we’ve seen this market increasingly within the Ugandan sports scene. With regulation in effect being spearheaded by the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board, we feel even more pressured to provide relevant and quality content for an ever-growing audience in this market. Our focus is on every sort of gambler. Be the foremost experienced or perhaps the one who is simply beginning to place his first bets.

At SuperSoka Uganda, you’ll find, in addition to analysis of the main matches of the day, sports news articles and articles about the planet of sports betting. they’re going to be guides for each sort of bettor to evolve with this market that’s already big in several parts of the globe.

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Betting Tips

In this section, the bettor will find tips, hints and analysis on the most clashes of the day, mainly in football. Our guesses are made following diagnostic and prognostic criteria supported statistics and data about the match. Football is the highlight, but here you’ll also find our tips for NBA, UFC, Tennis, Formula one among others.

At SuperSoka, the predictions are updated daily so our audience will always seek new betting opportunities. The more relevant information we provide, the greater the chances of a winning bet.

Betting House Reviews

At SuperSoka, you’ll even be able to stay top of reviews about the most sports betting houses in Uganda. With the legalization of bookmakers within the country, they’re increasingly stronger in search of an audience passionate about football. Our function is, through strict criteria, to gauge the main bookmakers.

Tell our reader which betting houses offer the most effective options. Security, markets, support, payment methods, are some of the things evaluated to reach a final grade. And although our assessment follows objective guidelines, it’s worth mentioning that the selection of the bookmaker always depends on what the bettor is trying to find. Additionally, to the things already mentioned, he could also be trying to find a much better Welcome Bonus, for instance.

Before choosing your bookmaker, research and choose the one that best represents your interests as a bettor!


In this section, the bettor will find articles of the foremost value for people who want to stay on top of all the news that involves the world of sports betting. Totally exclusive articles created by our group of editors and journalists. It covers not only sports betting, mainly, but also subjects associated with the most diverse sports. Be it football, NBA, MMA, or maybe F1.

Here you’ll also find our reviews about the main events within the world. Be articles associated with the Uganda FUFA Premier League, so you’ll be informed about everything, as well as the African Football, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Spanish LaLiga, Italian Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Formula One, only to say a few!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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